Advertise your business on Google Ads and Facebook

We create and run advertising campaigns on Google Ads and Facebook for your business.

We provide consulting services on Online Advertising, so that you can harvest the Internet the best way, using a cost effective strategy.

What should be the target of your online advertising campaigns?

99% would answer “the target is to increase sales”.

Which is only 50% right!

The target of all your advertising efforts whould be your website or your e-commerce store.

This is the place that people who click your ads will visit to complete the sale.

Your website is the place that you will have the chance to tell the prospect customer in detail what you can do for him and why to choose you.

So, that is another reason why your website should provide the right information in the right place and be well structured.

Sale takes place on your website!

First make a website for your customers and then advertise!

Advertising Campaigns on Google Ads

We design and deploy advertising campaigns for Google Ads, the largest search, display and video (Youtube) network on the world.

Based only on your needs and goals.

We hear what you want to achieve and we transform it to advertising campaigns strategy.

We respect your budget!

We usually accept clients with 300€ minimum monthly budget.

Advertising Campaigns on Facebook

No one can argue that Facebook is the largest and most active social network worldwide.

We deploy advertising campaigns on Facebook.

We usually accept clients with 10€ minimum daily budget.

Facebook is a great place to make your business known.

On the other hand is a place that you have to limit your expectations on direct sales.

That is because the majority of users are not in a mood of buying. They are on a mood of entertaining.

And that is something we have to take into account.

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