Get an e-shop based on WooCommerce that makes sales! Right price! Full of features! Easy to use!

e-shop easy for customers. Easy for the business. Huge number of features. At the right price!

Fast, expandable, responsive, easy to operate

Truths regarding e-shops

During the last years, the technology related to e-commerce made giant leaps.

Worldwide, most of active e-commerce stores are created with one of the following programs (web applications). 95% of quotes you will get from companies designing e-shops, will be based on the following software:

(You might also get propositions for developing and e-shop based on Magento and nopCommerce.)

All of the above mentioned solutions use the PHP programming language and MySQL or MariaDB as database. Only nopCommerce uses Microsoft’s ASP.NET.

We have focused on the WooCommerce + WordPress solution and this software we use for our proposals.

In the past we have designed systems using OpenCart, X-Cart and Joomla + VirtueMart.

We believe that WooCommerce + WordPress is the best possible web applications for the majority of businesses that run their own e-shop. The fact that WooCommerce runs under WordPress gives it a huge advantage. Using WooCommerce a business can benefit from the best of two worlds. The best blog and social marketing platform that WordPress is, and WooCommerce that is one of the best e-commerce platforms.

Why the WooCommerce + WordPress excels as an e-shop solution

Main features of the WooCommerce + WordPress solution are!

  • Relatively low priced
  • Huge possibilities
  • Easy to administer
  • Customers love it
  • Expandable
  • Fits 99% of worldwide businesses
  • 100% responsive. Renders correctly on mobile devices, tablets and desktop computers
  • It is used by millions of people every day worldwide
  • Takes the most out of social media

You can check the article “Why we use WordPress for business websites” from our Blog.

But what makes an e-shop marked as successful for a business?

First, we have to define what does “successful e-shop” means for a business!

In our opinion, an e-shop can be characterized as successful if the profit it generates is larger (or way larger) from its costs (cost to build, cost to manage it, cost to advertise it). In other words, an e-shop is a success if it generates more income than costs.

As we have previously seen, the majority of e-commerce stores are designed using a limited number of programs.

So why some e-shops are successful and some others are not? Why some e-shops create sales and some others are not?

As the majority of e-shops use the same software, applications used is not the key factor. What makes the difference is the way you use the tools! Key factors that make the difference are: the Content, the Structure, the Products you sell, and something more…

For available applications, think the analogy of a paper and a pencil.

Using the paper and the pencil as the tools, some write for Nobel price and others just “Hello World”.

The outcome is not about the tools. But about how you use them. and what you create with them.

That is the basic difference between companies that use the same tools.

There is also a hidden key difference between success and failure for an e-shop

And that is advertising and promotion.

With the help of advertising and promotion (online or offline), a “medium” e-shop can generate more sales than a “super” e-shop.

Advertising and promotion, means more customers, more prospects and finally more sales. From your personal experience you can recall that you buy from stores that you know, rather stores that are the better designed.

Use part of your annual budget to advertise and promote your e-shop! Take this expense into account when you plan your online sales

Our proposals for your e-shop

E-commerce Store Full

Price: 1560,00

A complete e-shop for unlimited products and categories. Fast and easy to manage. Build with WooCommerce and WordPress.

e-commerce Full features

  • Fast online store!
    It is important for the customer to have a good experience with the online store. That’s why online store pages should load fast.
  • Unlimited products
    The online store supports unlimited products. For over 5,000 products you should know in advance, that specialized infrastructure is required to keep the e-shop fast.
  • Unlimited product categories
    Supports unlimited product categories. A product can belong to more than one product category.
  • More than one photos per product
    You can put more than one photo in each product. You will be able to show in detail the characteristics of each product.
  • Easy to use e-shop for customers
    The appearance of the online store (e-shop) is based on the No.1 world theme. Designed for easy use by customers and the business.
  • Discounts – Coupons
    Discounts on products: Show normal price and discounted price. Discount coupons: Discount on the price using coupons.
  • Products on offer
    Marking of the products that are on offer, so that they stand out immediately.
  • Product search
    Search filters so that customers can quickly find the products they are interested in.
  • Many payment methods
    The online store supports the following payment methods: Credit card. Paypal. Pay on delivery. Payment at the store. Bank transfer.
  • Shipping methods
    The online store supports the following shipping methods: Courier. Collection from the store. Free shipping.
  • Responsive e-shop
    The online store will be displayed correctly on all devices. Computers, Tablets, Mobile Phones. That is, it will be responsive.
  • Complete management system
    The online store includes a complete content management system and will allow you to manage everything! Products, orders, appearance!
  • Easy order management
    Managing orders is easy!
  • Blog
    Publish your own articles. Increase sales by adding articles to your online store Blog.
  • Connect to Google systems
    To find you, we link the online store to Google services (Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Search Console, My Business, Google Maps). We send the site map to Google.
  • Expandable e-shop
    You can extend the capabilities of the online store in the future by adding additional functionality using plugins.
  • Optimized SEO
    The online store includes special software that helps you to make products and articles optimized in terms of SEO so that they find you in the search engines.
  • Protection against attacks
    We place great emphasis on safety. Built-in security system to protect the online store from attacks. To make your business available on the Internet 24 hours a day.
  • Connection to Cloudflare CDN DNS WAF
    Connection to the No. 1 Global Cloudflare network that provides CDN, DNS, WAF services. For a faster and safer online store.
  • Free SSL certificate
    Free SSL certificate included. Essential for secure transactions and better search engine ranking.
  • Compatible with GDPR
    Compatible with European Union GDPR Directive.
  • 3 hours training in the operation of the online store
    Online training through AnyDesk in the management of the online store.
  • Free support (2 months)
    Free support in the operation of the e-shop for 2 months after its construction.
  • Continuous support of the online store
    Continuous support and maintenance of the e-shop based on a maintenance contract.

E-commerce Store Extra

Price: 2470,00

A unique e-shop that will be build to fit to your business needs. All the features provided by e-commerce Full and more features. Build with WooCommerce and WordPress.

e-commerce Extra features

  • Everything that the e-commerce Full includes
    All the features included in the online store Full
  • Unique appearance
    Customize the look of the store to make it stand out.
  • Product variations
    Create products with variations. E.g. different color, size, composition, cover, etc.
  • Advanced discounts and offers
    Multiple combinations of discounts and offers. E.g. special prices for customer groups, product categories. Get a gift by buying the X product. Discount for purchase of many products, etc.
  • Customization of payment methods
    Choose which payment methods will be available according to the criteria. Enable or disable payment methods depending on the size of the order.
  • Rules for shipping costs
    Create your own scenarios to adjust shipping costs according to criteria such as weight, number of products, total order.
  • For clothing stores: Sizes
    Create and display size charts.
  • For clothing stores: Show available variations
    Show available sizes and colors per item. Help the customer choose only what is available.
  • Advanced product search
    Search filters with more options so that customers can quickly find the products they are interested in.
  • Impressive appearance of items on offer
    Gain your customers’ attention to the items you have on offer using stunning graphics.

(The prices are indicative and do not include VAT)

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