Learn WordPress online, quickly and efficiently from home with a personal instructor!

With the online personal WordPress training from your home, you will learn in a few hours what others learn in weeks!

It is worth learning how to use WordPress because it is the most popular CMS in the world and is used by millions of businesses worldwide.

There are many online tutorials for WordPress

On the Internet you will find hundreds of English lessons for WordPress. This is because WordPress is the most popular Content Management System in the world.

For example:

The disadvantage of these WordPress tutorials is that they are “canned”, and you cannot answer your questions the moment they arise. There is no human instructor to guide and help you.

Our Suggestion: WordPress Online Personal Training with an instructor

We suggest you take the online personal WordPress training courses with an instructor.

In just a few hours you will learn what you need to effectively manage a WordPress site.

And this is because we will focus on the essence and answer questions when they arise.

You can watch the lesson from your home, as long as you have an Internet connection and a computer (not a tablet or mobile phone).

It would be nice to have basic knowledge of Internet operation, HTML, CSS. These will help you. If you do not have this knowledge, we will try to help you understand how the system works.

WordPress training from home

Lessons are provided in real time with the help of AnyDesk. Instructor connects to your computer and you see the operations. How to do what you want with WordPress. You repeat them. Instructor communicates at the same time by phone, gives instructions and answers your questions.

What you will learn with personal WordPress instructor training

You will learn:

What is WordPress and its basic features.

How to create and update pages.

How to create articles (posts), article categories and how to update them.

How to make a menu.

How to configure the appearance of the WordPress site using themes.

How to safely customize the look of your WordPress site, using child themes.

How to operate the new Gutenberg editor.

How to disable the Gutenberg editor and use the classic one.

Where to find and how to choose plugins that enrich the functions of WordPress.

How to protect a WordPress site from Hacker attacks.

Will I become fully acquainted with WordPress with these courses?

If we just wanted to sell WordPress lessons without caring about the aftermath, we would say “Yes”. But the truth is that WordPress, while seemingly a simple system, is actually a very complex system.

But it is much easier than alternative CMSes. That is why it is so widely accepted and used. Over +33% of websites worldwide are now built with WordPress and this is no coincidence.

The truth is that lessons will introduce you to WordPress. By attending the courses you will feel very comfortable in managing a website that has been made with WordPress. You will be able to easily understand what you see and from where you can make changes. We will answer all your questions the moment they arise. And that’s a big advantage for you.

You will definitely be able to create a simple WordPress website. But this training will not make you a person capable of creating a professional website with WordPress.

This is because to build a professional website with WordPress you have to spend a lot of time (months or years) to get experience with the system and take advantage of its capabilities. In addition you will need to have at least knowledge of HTML, PHP, CSS. Know at least the basics of SEO and Core Web Vitals.

You should also learn about WordPress Plugins and Themes. Some of them are a whole system from their own.

But also you have to learn about Custom Post Types (CPT) and ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) that they bring to WordPress, features that we once only found in CMS like Drupal.

With personal WordPress training you will get the right base for mastering WordPress

With the personal WordPress training you will get the basics needed to evolve into the world of WordPress.

And this is very important!

We are honest. You will not become an expert. But you will know everything you need to become an expert after investing personal work and time.

Course Duration

To have read so far, means that you are really interested in learning WordPress the right way.

Our experience has shown that for this WordPress introductory lesson, 4 hours is enough to understand the basics of how WordPress works.

Be able to do the basic actions for the daily operation of a WordPress website.

The 4 hours take place in 2 days. Each session lasts 2 training hours.

Online classes are held between 08:00 – 12:00 and 17:00 – 21:00.

The exact hours and days are scheduled to fit trainee’s time schedule.

Cost of Personal WordPress Training

The cost of fast-paced personal WordPress courses is only 80 €.

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