You need help with your business website if it doesn’t convert. If it hasn’t got a large number of visitors. If it doesn’t rank high on Search Engine Results Page (SERP). If it doesn’t has great Google Core Web Vitals.

This service is for you in these cases.

There are so many reasons to seek for professional help for your website. For example:

Business website doesn’t converts as you wish.

Website is too old. It has been designed several years ago.

It is not fast enough. It loads slowly. You loose customers because of that.

It is not responsive. It doesn’t render correctly on mobile, tablet and desktop computers.

We can help! Check our services!

Website Status Check

To solve a problem with a website, first you have to identify the problem We check the current status of your website and we identify possible problems. We create a report for all the things that can be improved.

Design a New Website

If your business website is too old, designed many years ago, then the best possible solution might be to design it again from scratch. Every year, a lot of things change in the web design and web development area.

Support for your WordPress Site

We support business websites build with WordPress. We improve security, update software. We support admins and editors.

Content Creation

We create content for your business website. We write articles. we improve SEO by improving text content. Our goal to improve your search engine rankings.

Website Status Check and Ways to Improve

Loading Speed Check

The amount of time needed for a website to load on user devices is one of the key factors in today’s Internet world. We check your page loading time and we suggest ways to improve it.

Google Core Web Vitals

In 2021,Google introduced a new series of metrics that among other things, affects the position your business website is listed on search engines. The name of these metrics is Google Core Web Vitals. Google’sΤα Core Web Vitals changes everything in the SEO world, as we know it.

SEO Status

SEO means “Search Engine Optimization”. A very large number of parameters affect the position of your website on search engines, like Google Search.

And as you very well know, the higher your position, the larger the number of visitors your website gets. And more visitors means, more profits.

Improvements for your Website

After checking, we report where your business website can be improved. We implement the changes and we improve your website.

Content Creation

Right text is very important for your website! Συγγραφή άρθρων και κειμένων που κάνουν πωλήσεις

Content is one of the most important parameters that affect the position of your website on search engines related to your competitors.The text that it contains and the way it is structured and expressed. Google’s algorithm, takes very seriously your website texts.

So do people!!

Content is King!

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