Personal Consultation about your business on Internet

"The right consultation worths thousands of dollars and here comes in cheap!"

Have you ever experienced the following situation?

You are feeling that everything in your house is OK.

Then a friend comes in and immediately sees things that could be better. He tells you that you should change this and that.

It tells you about a thousand of improvements.

Things that you were not seeing because you where used to them.

And you agree with him and scratch your head thinking why you haven’t thought it before.

That is what we do.

We are the friend that visits your “house”, your business website, and helps you to do better business on Internet by pointing the things you can improve or change and increase your income!

Consulation Topics

How it works

Please fill the following form with your query.

We will check your request. If we need extra info, we will contact you.

We will issue and send you a proforma invoice.

After you’ve paid the proforma invoice, we will check your case and web precense and we will send you our advice and observations.

If you are pleased with our observations and advices we could extend our collaboration and do a lot more for you.

We hope that you will be pleased and we will extend our partnership.

FAQs about Consultation Service

How much does it costs?

Submitting  a query is free.

The cost to get a consultation from a real human starts from 199€ (plus VAT where applicable).

In case your query is more complex than usual, we will inform you about the new evaluated cost.

You will never pay for an unanswered query.

After receiving your query, we’ll issue a proforma invoice that you will receive via email.

After paying the proforma invoice, we will start working on your case.

We may need to contact you for extra information.

Is it worth it?

Yes it does!

By getting a consultation by a real human can help improve many aspects of your business online presence.

Improving your website can lead to an increase on sales.

Increase on sales leads to more income for the years to come.

So, getting a consultation from a real human is an investment that will be paying back for a long time!

How fast will I get your consultation?

We try to answer your request as soon as possible.

Providing real and valued consultation by a real human  takes time and a lot of work.

We generaly provide our consultation in less than 7 working days. But it could take longer based on your case.

Methods of payment

The prefered method of payment is Paypal. You can also pay using credit card or by bank transfer.

Proforma invoice will have all the details.

Do you issue invoices?

Yes, we issue invoices.

After we receive your payment, we’ll issue an invoice and send it to you via email.

What are the steps after the consultation

After receiving our consultation and if your website is made with WordPress or if you want to turn your website to WordPress, we can help you more. We can make changes to your website in order to perform better. Or we can build your website from scratch. In any case, we can offer a lot more than consultation.

Submit your request for consultation

Please use the following form to submit your query.

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