Consultation & services for your business on Internet

Consulting • Web design • e-commerce • Managed web hosting • Advertising • WordPress • Woocommerce

Personal Consultation

Ask an expert on how you can improve your business presence on Internet. How you can improve your website. How you can take the most out of your internet marketing campaigns.

Business WordPress Website

We build your WordPress business website that ranks high on Search Engine results, SEO optimized, sequre, supported by us and managable by you.

E-Commerce Store

We build for you a modern Woocommerce e-commerce store to start selling online. With resonable cost, sequre, easy to use, supported, manageable by you, SEO optimized.

Advertising and Promotion

We provide advertising services through Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Promote and bring customers to your business.

Managed WordPress web hosting

We provide managed WordPress web hosting services for our clients. Your business website or e-commerce store will be hosted on the biggest data center in Europe. Web hosting plans come with cPanel Control Panel and free SSL. We suggest Cloudflare for DNS, CDN, WAF, Cache services that speed up and secure your website. You focus on your business. We take care all the rest!

We provide services for Small Medium Businesses (SMB) that communicate in English and Greek language on Internet and use WordPress - Woocommerce

AlterMarket has been supporting Professionals and Businesses (Small and Medium - SMB) on Internet since 2004

SMBs and Professionals we are experienced to help

We generally provide services, consultation and audit to Businesses (SMBs) like medical firms, construction firms, techical firms, law firms, schools, charities, social enterprises, plant nurseries, agricultural firms and professionals (sole traders) like doctors, medical stuff, lawyers, electricians, handy men, plumbers, agronomists, engineers, agroponists, physcologists, therapists, cloth shop owners, tourism professionals, small shops, etc.

Personal Consultation & Support

We provide personal consultation services for the presence of your business on Internet.

We suggest improvements and actions for your business to have better SEO results, more customers and more sales.

We focus on Small Medium Businesses (SMB).

Business Website Development with WordPress
WordPress is the best choice for business websites

We are focused on WordPress.

During the past 2 decades we have developed business websites using several technologies. From plain HTML/CSS/javascript, Microsoft ASP, Mambo, Joomla, Elxis and WordPress.

But for us, WordPress is the clear winner for a business website!


  • It is easy for website owners to edit the content of their website
  • It is search engines friendly, SEO friendly
  • It is so extensible with thousands of plugins (paid and free)!
  • It has tons of themes to choose from
  • It is responsive and mobile phone ready
  • It is supported by a huge worldwide community
  • Woocommerce, WordPress’s plugin, let us build advanced e-shops
  • It is customer’s budget friendly, because it is cheaper to built than Drupal and Joomla
  • It is Open Source Software

Learn Why we use WordPress for business websites.

We realize it is difficult now days to select a partner you can trust to get consultation, build, host, and promote your business website.

There are thousands businesses out there that advertise that are experts on consulting and providing support for you getting the most out of Internet. For building websites and web hosting.
That are experts on online advertsing and online marketing.

What makes AlterMarket different, and a partner το work , are the expertise and the ethics that govern our business for many years in business. Being a European Union based company should make you more confident to our services.

We are experts on supporting Small Medium Busineses (SMB). We use WordPress and Woocommerce.

Ask for a quote. For free.

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